Amphetamine addiction: Causes, signs, diagnosis, and treatment

In baseline light-MA users or in men, bupropion demonstrated a reduction in MA use [60]. Encouragingly, it also reduced concurrent tobacco use in participants [66]. There are known interaction effects of nicotine and methamphetamine and a potential role of nicotine use in maintaining their co-use [70].

To date, there is no systematic review to specifically show the efficacy of BCBT for treating amphetamines abusers in the world. In other words, it is not documented how BCBT is efficacious for treating amphetamine abuse/use disorder alone or in combination with pharmacological treatments in other countries. The current systematic review aims to address these two gaps in the research literature. Amphetamine toxicity generally occurs in the setting of recreational use. METH comes in different forms and can be smoked, inhaled, injected, or orally consumed. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, smoking METH is the most common way of abuse.

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Furthermore, using BCBT is likely to increase the outcome of pharmacological treatments for amphetamines abuse in clinical practice. These issues need to be considered by clinicians and psychologists who work with amphetamine abusers. Another study examined sustained-release oral dexamphetamine (30 mg po BD) for 60 MA-dependent participants [35]. The primary outcomes included Amphetamine Addiction safety and efficacy defined as abstinence from MA—measured by a new MA-positive UDS (measured twice weekly) and self-reported MA consumption. The present review documents that pharmacological treatments effectively helped Iranian patients alleviate some amphetamines-related symptoms. However, the effects of medications were different on amphetamines-related symptoms.

There is evidence that amphetamine use to treat ADHD could slow growth in children. Minor effects on the cardiovascular system, including a rise in heart rate and blood pressure, may have long-term effects. They proposed a 6-month use of the drug to help people who have not responded to other treatment to improve their diet and increase exercise levels.

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Other comorbidities that continue to be poorly addressed include the management of patients with stimulant dependence and comorbid attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Accurate diagnoses of ADHD in the context of AMPH/MA use can be complicated [82], and there may be differential effects of medications in patients with both conditions. More research is required regarding pharmacological responses for patients with ADHD and stimulant use disorders.

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Depending on what type and the dosage of the prescribed amphetamine, take extended-release capsules once daily and immediate-release tablets and oral solutions up to three times per day. Schedule a time each day to take your amphetamines and stick to that schedule. Approved by the FDA in the early 2000s, Adderall is an amphetamine and dextroamphetamine combined. While the effects of amphetamines are almost immediate, tolerance builds quickly, which frequently increases the amount needed to produce the desired effect.

Can I drink alcohol with amphetamines?

Misusing amphetamines, or taking them in a different way than a doctor prescribes, can lead to–how-to-treat-alcoholism/. Yes, amphetamines have a high potential for abuse and addiction despite medical uses. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) categorized amphetamines as a Schedule II Substance. It’s a chronic brain disorder involving compulsive drug seeking and use despite negative consequences. Studies conducted in (e.g. men who have sex with men) or excluding (e.g. women) specific populations are limited in their ability to generalise to other populations. For example, no study we reviewed here assessed specific populations such as indigenous peoples.

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