Partial Hospitalization Program in Los Angeles

Trauma-informed care aims to better recognize and treat those who have experienced traumas and create space for healing. At Alter Wellness Care, we utilize trauma-informed care practices to ensure that all clients’ histories and struggles are fully recognized and addressed. PHPs can be a beneficial option for anyone with mild or moderate symptoms, or who may have already completed an inpatient or residential program.

  1. When considering a California Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), it is essential to evaluate the different program options available.
  2. To be eligible for PHP, patients must meet certain criteria such as having a diagnosis of a mental health disorder or substance abuse issue that requires intensive treatment.
  3. A less intensive level of our Focus Depression Recovery residential care, our specialized PHP/IOP care for adults and adolescents emphasizes care for depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders.
  4. In The Heights Treatment’s partial hospitalization program, also known as “day treatment,” clients receive up to 30 hours of clinically intensive programming per week, as specified in the patient’s treatment plan.

By receiving personalized care from experienced professionals, patients gain the knowledge and tools required to build a healthier lifestyle post-treatment. Ultimately, this leads to a stronger sense of self-efficacy and a more successful long-term recovery journey. Such programs are intended to assist individuals in reaching their treatment objectives and assist those moving from inpatient care to independent living. These programs offer individuals a secure and supportive environment where they can make meaningful advances in the patient’s recovery journey. We offer experiential therapies throughout the week during group therapy sessions, including mindfulness, art, music, and guided imagery.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website is a great place to start when you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. We recommend that you make a list of a few different centers to contact and speak with them to get a feel for their programs, therapies, and staff and find the center that you feel most comfortable with. Have a list of questions that you can ask each center to help you through the process. One of the most important questions to ask is if the rehab holds accreditation by CARF. Having a state license is no longer enough to ensure that a rehab center is reputable.

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When you reach out to the admissions team at Jewel City Treatment, we will assess if our partial hospitalization program in California is appropriate for you. In all cases, we will point you in the right direction to ensure you get the help you need. Admissions decisions are typically made based on a comprehensive assessment by clinical professionals and case management teams to ensure that the individual is placed in the most appropriate type of care. Inpatient programs require a person to move into a facility and receive round-the-clock care.

Efficacy of Partial Hospitalization Programs

These therapies can be particularly effective for those with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. The benefits of PHP treatment for individuals dealing with mental health issues are numerous. The Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recognizes that evidence-based treatments, such as psychotherapy and medication management, are crucial in addressing mental health concerns. To be eligible for PHP, patients must meet certain criteria such as having a diagnosis of a mental health disorder or substance abuse issue that requires intensive treatment.

These levels of care are on a scale ranging from 0.5 to 4, with 4 being the most intensive. They worked closely with my family to help my sister when she was in need of treatment and struggling with her depression. If appropriate, you’ll work with your therapist on exposures to address avoidance behaviors related to anxiety. You’ll move forward through a combination of group therapy for CBT and DBT-informed skills, individual assignments and one-on-one meetings with your therapist. Truth be told, most people who go through PHP treatment in Los Angeles, actually look like regular functioning members of society.

What To Expect During Php Treatment

PHP provides structure, support, and accountability while allowing them to stay connected with their daily lives. Unlike inpatient care, where patients reside at the treatment facility, PHP offers a unique balance. It combines intensive therapy, typical of inpatient programs, with the freedom eco sober house to live at home. Inpatient care is tailored for those requiring continuous supervision, often during acute mental health crises. A partial hospitalization program in Turlock is ideal for individuals needing significant support while being stable enough to maintain their home life.

What Can I Expect During a Partial Hospitalization Program?

However, it’s not uncommon that people move to standard outpatient care after a PHP, or even straight into aftercare. Treatment plans are customized to each individual so they can receive the care they need. This means you or your loved one may have a different treatment path than someone else. The California Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a mental health treatment program that provides intensive, structured care for individuals with severe mental illness.

CBT is based on the idea that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected, so by changing one element, we can positively impact all three areas. Tailored to cater to many mental health conditions, this program uses different types of therapy. Addressing conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and more ensures individuals receive the specialized attention they deserve. The PHP program at JC Treatment Center offers clients various therapeutic services such as individual, group, and family therapy. Our partial hospitalization program in California often supports patients as they reintegrate into the world from a residential treatment program. At Jewel City Treatment Center, we recognize the critical connection between addiction and mental health disorders when it comes to seeking high-quality addiction treatment.

With proper guidance from professionals like Dr. Drew Pinsky, those struggling with mental illness can begin on a path towards recovery through California’s Partial Hospitalization Program. By carefully identifying areas where someone may need additional support or guidance, PHP addresses both short-term and long-term goals for mental wellness. Additionally, PHPs are often more cost-effective than inpatient hospitalization and can reduce the likelihood of future hospitalizations or emergency room visits. Through the program, participants learn and practice techniques designed to empower them in the face of real-world stressors. Following the program’s rules, including medication rules and respecting confidentiality, is important. Every client who undergoes treatment at The Heights Treatment first completes a pre-assessment.

At our rehabs, we understand the challenges that come with addiction and the impact it has on individuals and their families. Partial hospitalization programs are typically most effective for those with a supportive home environment. As an outpatient level of care, if someone participating in PHP lives with someone suffering from an untreated substance use disorder, the recovery process can be even more difficult. These programs provide a range of proven therapies in a structured setting as well as nutritional health and wellness education. Our goal is to help you reduce symptoms and improve daily functioning while you remain connected with family and other social support systems. At Harmony Place, we take pride in being able to give the proper medical care that is tailor-made to fit each client.

Overall, effective medication management is an essential aspect of successful partial hospitalization programs for individuals struggling with substance use disorders in California addiction treatment centers. By working collaboratively with healthcare providers, patients can receive the support needed to manage withdrawal symptoms and address any underlying mental health conditions that may contribute to substance abuse. Often it can be challenging to navigate the levels of care at different mental health and addiction treatment centers. Studies have shown that partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are highly effective in helping individuals with substance abuse disorders to recover and remain sober.

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